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About Stand Up Pouches

A stand up pouches is a flexible packaging solution, which has grown drastically as part of modern packaging solutions, with unlimited design. It is a pouch with a gusset area folded inward and upward and sealed on both sides in a way that it can stand up-right. This feature is made possible because of the bottom gusset that is fixed to pouches to make sure that pouches remain steady and durable when filled.

Stand up pouches are also commonly known as self-standing pouches and used for many industries including food and non-food sector. Stand up pouches are very well-known for the best display packaging options and their ability to stand unattended on shelves.

We offer up to 10 colours of our high-quality rotogravure printing process, spot colours, choices of zippers, patterns, matte varnish, hang holes, label printing, hot stamps and spouts.

Stand Up Pouches


Sweets and Snack Food, Processed Food, Fresh Produce, Coffee and Tea, Beverages, Meat Poultry and Seafood, Liquid Food, Pet Food, Cheese, Fresh Food and many more.


Health and Beauty Products, Home and Garden Products, Medical and Pharmaceutical Products, Consumer Products, Industrial and Other Products.

Our flexible stand up pouches are second to none in terms of graphical composition and quality construction. Our high-quality rotogravure print capabilities have helped us produce stand up pouches to meet any sort of printing requirements.

Stand up pouches also feature a sustainable option compared to plastic pouches, bottles, cans or any traditional rigid packaging.

Some of the key benefits include

  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Light-weight packaging
  • Packaging Volume Reduction
  • Cost efficient transport
  • Less waste to dispose
  • Wide range of shape, designs and special features.

View of Stand Up Pouches

The stand up pouches are available in various shapes and sizes, especially six prominent types and styles: Bottom Gusset Pouch, Flat Bottom Pouch, Side Gusset Pouch, Spouted Pouch, Shaped Pouch and Retort Pouch.

Pack Smart is a veteran supplier and producer of stand up pouches, who can customize them based on shape, design, colour, print and add-on features. Our engineering team is well versed with diverse applications and packaging needs for industries to deliver what you desire.

Our extensive range of stock and custom printed stand up pouches can help you with a wide range of colours, windows, zippers, valves and the like.

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