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How to Measure a Stand Up Pouch

Stand up pouches have three fundamental measurements: Width (W), Height (H), and Bottom Gusset (BG). It is written out W” x H” x BG”

Width: measured from the outside left-side edge to the right-side edge of the pouch.

Height: measured from the outside bottom edge to the very top of the pouch.

Bottom Gusset: Two times the dimension from the outside bottom edge of the pouch to the maximum depth of the internal fold.

Example: Stand up pouch – 5” x 9” x 3”(1.5”x2)

  • Total Width (W) = 5”
  • Total Height (H) = 9”
  • Bottom Gusset (BG) = 1.5” x 2 = 3”

Some companies will occasionally refer to a bottom gusset as (1.5” x 2) instead of 3” in an attempt to make the bottom gusset dimension clearer to the user.

For more information about how to measure a stand up pouch or anything else, please contact us with any questions you have.