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Stand Up Pouch Benefits

Environment Friendly

Low packaging waste to dispose, recyclable, reusable and more environmentally-friendly.

Strong Branding & Marketing

Rotogravure printing – the bright colours and graphic opportunities, strengthens brand presentation and recognition, ability to stand up on shelves, strong visual impression for sales.

Cost Reductions

Cost-effective light-weight packaging and transport, low material costs for pouches.

Excellent Barrier Properties

Improve shelf life and protect the product from of moisture, oxygen, light, infestation, odour etc. or a combination of these.

Comprehensive Features and options (Add-ons)

Wide range of shape, size and design possibilities, along with add-on features like re-closable zippers, tear notches, valves, ergonomic handles, euro or round punch hole, rounded corners and the like.

Product Visibility

Visibility of products before purchase through the use of transparent pouches or window pouches.

Perfect for special applications and purposes

Customized pouches for special uses with microwavable, sterilizable and pasteurisable material.


High speed filing for cost effective production, fully or semi-automatic filling and also special filing application like hot or cold filing.

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